STAR TRAVEL CLUB is a way for individuals, couples or groups to meet new people and enjoy great vacations in a fun and unique group environment.


STAR Travel cares about the quality of our vacations we offer! Therefore, we always visit the location of our next possible vacation to ensure quality, prime location, fine facilities, good service, etc, for our next big trip. This way, we can tell you exactly what the hotel is like, what the food tastes like, the name of the bartender & best drink to order, hottest nightspot to visit, you name it! We make it our business to KNOW..after all, it IS our business! Experience is everything.

As veteranSTAR TRAVEL CLUB members will tell you, we always get the “red carpet treatment” when we arrive at our vacation destination! (Who doesn’t like V.I.P. treatment?!). Trip perks vary, depending on location; here is an example of the fabulous extras we experience! From express check-in on arrival… to best-located rooms… to pre-arranged special dinner reservations (hard or impossible to get at many all-inclusive resorts)… to a specialty party suite in a prime location for our group… to private parties on the trip or cruise… we offer many extras you will not find anywhere else!

We travel WITH all of our “STAR TRAVEL CLUB member” group trips; therefore we are THERE, ON-SITE should you have a problem or issue during our trip. Though we plan the trip as perfectly as possible, situations beyond our control can (though rarely do) arise while on the trip, so we are your personal advocate & problem-solver on the trip. (We always pack our whip just in case!). You get to travel worry-free & let us handle it all!

We have a special “STAR TRAVEL CLUB member” pre-trip party for folks to meet & mingle with others going on the trip & pick up their tickets, too! Our pre-trip parties are usually held the Sunday night before the big trip here at our different favorite hotspots around the area. this is great for folks to meet & mingle with others going on the trip! You’ll get to meet new folks before you even get to the destination!

For our STC “Bucket list” trips, we always have special shirts made just for our trip! These t-shirts are available at the pre-trip party to pick up along with tickets, & we order the size YOU want! We wear these to the airport on the day of our departure so we can meet & mingle with fellow STAR TRAVEL CLUB members! These t-shirts are custom-designed, made just for our trip & are our GIFT to you!

We are a “group” by professional definition only… by personal definition, everyone gets to do what they want on our trip! So don’t let the “group” word throw you… we do not require that you do anything besides show up for the plane coming & going. The rest is up to you! Our groups are anywhere from 12 to 120 people, usually 50-100, so we have lots of fun folks going… we have plenty of activities & parties & dinners & fun things to do while on our trips… be as involved or as solo & secluded as you like. The nice thing is, friends & fun are there when you want them!

How could we miss an excuse to have another party?! About a month or so after our trip, we get together once again to trade pictures, stories, & laugh about what a great time we had on our trip. After all, we made so many new friends on our vacation, we gotta keep the party going & stay in touch!

Because you are a STAR TRAVEL CLUB member, we offer YOU our very special trip offers FIRST on our exciting upcoming trips, well before they are announced to the “general public”… we also offer certain exclusive specials & perks to our “STAR TRAVEL CLUB member” that no one else gets! It pays to be a “STAR TRAVEL CLUB member”!

We work very hard negotiating the best deal out there, so you can always rest assured that our price is very competitive, usually lower than anything you will find on your own for that time. Add that great price with all the benefits listed above & other extras we include, & you’ve hit the jackpot!

The majority of our “STAR TRAVEL CLUB member” travelers are our friends or friends-of-friends referred to us over the years… therefore, you are among friends! We are a very welcoming, friendly, non-exclusive (non-snooty!) group who like to have a great time… we look out for each other on the trip… we include each other on outings & meals & activities… just like friends do. (Bailing persons outta jail not included!! ha ha). The “buddy system” rules with us! So if you are a rookieSTAR TRAVEL CLUB member & don’t know many folks (or anyone!), don’t worry, you’ll only be a stranger for about TWO minutes! WELCOME is the word!!


June 04-11, 2018 – Hotel Xcaret Mexico –  SOLD OUT

June 15-22, 2018 – Lake Tahoe (North Shore)  –  SOLD OUT

June 25-29, 2018 – Sonoma/Napa California  –  SOLD OUT

July 03-17, 2018 – STC “Bucket List” Trip – Hawaii  –  SOLD OUT

July 23-26, 2018 – Chicago

January 05-12, 2019 – Disneyland (Anaheim California)

March 09-16, 2019 – Spring Break in Branson

July 05-18, 2019 – STC “Bucket List” Trip – Alaska Cruisetour

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